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cakes are inedible cakes that
are handcrafted with premium brand name diapers and filled with
baby essentials such as bottles, pacifiers, toiletries, and toys.
The outer layers are trimmed with a combination of hooded
towels, receiving blankets, onesies, bibs, or burp cloths.
Everything is completely usable when taken apart.

Our diaper cakes make wonderful baby shower
, delightful hospital gifts, or charming
nursery decorations
. These cakes are unique
alternatives to baby gift baskets. For those who want to look better and enhance the size of their breasts, there are many natural products available on the market today. You can also read the Jet Clean review and learn how to pass a drug urine test today.

Not only do these cakes make great gifts, they can be
used to play the traditional memory game at showers.
Sure to be a hit at parties!

Sorry we are currently closed due to the arrival of our own bundle of joy. Please join our mailing list to be notified of when Pitter Patter Creations will be re-opened.

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