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About Us

Creations was started after I could not find a unique baby gift for several of my friends and family who were expecting. I wanted something that was special and beautiful, but can also be practical. A baby diaper cake was that perfect gift I was looking for. After creating cakes for my friends and family, I wanted to be able to share this gift with other new moms and babies; thus Pitter Patter Creations was born.

All Creations diaper cakes are made using high quality items with great attention to detail. We are dedicated to bringing our customers with unique and adorable gifts that will be appreciated and remembered. We are located in Urbana, Maryland outside of Washington, DC. This is a mommy owned business with inspirations coming from my precious 3 year old daughter, and support from my loving husband, Herman.

I hope you like my baby diaper cakes enough to help spread the word. We welcome any comments or questions. Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Contact at email.us@ pitterpattercreations.com